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Toddler Art Play with Make Art & Play
Toddler Art Play with Make Art & Play
Toddler Art Play with Make Art & Play
Toddler Art Play with Make Art & Play
Toddler Art Play with Make Art & Play

Toddler Art Play with Make Art & Play

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This event does sell out, so please grab your ticket ahead of time. Tickets not available for purchase at the door.

Join us for Toddler Art Play with Kristina every Wednesday morning from 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM! We are excited to invite children ages walking-4y to join this art and sensory experience.

Toddler Art Play is a caretaker and child art and sensory playgroup that will allow little artists (ages 16m-4y) to play and make in an environment of diverse art and sensory experiences. For 45 minutes, little ones will enjoy free range as they engage their senses and explore art materials and sensory experiences alongside their caretaker. Each week, you'll enter our class with 6 multi-sensory stations that are intentionally designed to integrate a variety of senses. Toddler Art Play will cultivate independence, confidence, fine motor development, and familiarity with a wonderful variety of activities that engage the senses.

Sample Class Format:

This is a process art playgroup class focused on furthering your child's creative confidence. We encourage children to make their own choices about which activities with which they will engage throughout our time together. For this playgroup, the activities are open-ended and involve a lot of sensory play. A table station will be available for project work but not a teacher-guided lesson and the sit-down station is not required.

You/Your Caretaker's Role:

This art and sensory experience is very much about fostering independent exploration of materials within a group setting. Please give your child as much space as they are comfortable with to explore in ANY way they would like. It is truly amazing how they use the materials in unexpected ways every. single. class. Your role is to keep them safe, give them permission, and talk to them about how the materials look, feel, smell, and sound!

What You'll Learn:

  • Fine motor development
  • Sequencing
  • Understanding of what art materials do
  • Imaginative play
  • Creativity development
  • Problem solving
  • Pre-literacy
  • Social connection

πŸ‘• Open studio involves a lot of messy fun! The children often immerse themselves in wet and colorful materials. Pick an old T-shirt and pants for them to wear, and a change of clothes is always a good idea. You or your child's caretaker might also consider that paint splatter happens (we use a lot of tempera paint, which is non-toxic, but can stain).

⚠️ Although we will begin washing or sanitizing our hands each class, we will get messy, and the studio will not be sanitized throughout the class. The studio will, however, be sanitized between classes before we transition to a new cohort group. Although we discourage children from putting studio materials in their mouths, it is normal for children of this age to do so, so if this concerns you, a mask may be one way to deter them from doing so. Also, some activities may include small parts and require additional child supervision.

πŸ“… Wednesdays from 9:30-10:15

πŸ‘Ά Ages walking-4y

🎟️ Sliding scale $10–20

10 spots are available, so be sure to reserve your spot. Tickets will no be available for purchase at the door.

πŸ‘‹ Say Hi to our Teacher:

Kristina has always loved working with children. Her love for creating art with children began when she led her classroom at Small Wonders Preschool. She loves cultivating a safe space for children to develop meaningful and playful relationships with the artistic process. In her free time, Kristina can be found in her garden or reading with her cats, Mei and Finn.

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