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Boost Oregon Workshop

Are you looking for a safe and educational setting where you can ask questions about vaccinations, tuff questions, without judgment? We are very excited to host Boost Oregon to answer all of your questions and give you the facts you need to make your own informed decisions about your family. There are a lot of different ways to vaccinate and not vaccinate let’s learn and let’s grow together.

Boost Oregon educates parents and the general public about the benefits and safety of childhood vaccinations. 

We believe that every parent wants the best for their children but that distrust, fear, and misinformation lead parents not to vaccinate.  Through community-based, grassroots education, Boost Oregon listens to parents, eases their fears, and presents the scientific facts.  No other independent organization is doing this kind of parent-led, pro-vaccination advocacy.  Boost Oregon empowers parents to give their children the best shot at a healthy life!