Our Mission

We are an independently owned toy store with a strong focus on connecting families through play.

We provide thoughtful toys that allow for play to grow and expand over time. working hard to bring you a variety of quality toys that will last.  

Our 680 sq. ft. Community Space is an opportunity for to families to meet and play. 

We value family relationships, and know that having a child and being a parent can often bring up a lot of questions. Parent support groups are an important part of how we hope to connect with families and form a welcoming community. We are excited to offer birthing classes, lactation groups, sleep consultants, and new parents groups to name a few. 

Open play hours will give families a chance to get out of their everyday environment, and gather with other neighborhood families. We will have non-mobile and mobile play groups during the weekdays. Entry to open play can be purchased the day of, or punch cards can be purchased ahead of time for a discount. 

Weekends are to party and there is always a chance of showers, so “make it rain” balloons that is!

We offer a variety of birthday party packages: from simply the use of the space all the way up to fully inclusive party.