In an effort to help families stay home and stay safe we are offering toy and balloon no contact deliveries in Portland. Check out our shop and order here online!

Community Space


Our 680 square foot Community Space is an opportunity for families to meet and children to play. We work diligently to keep the room looking shiny and new. We cycle through toys to help give them a longer life, and to keep play new and exciting. We spot-clean mouthed toys daily and regularly deep-clean all toys and structures in the playroom.

Cost of entry to the community space is $5 per child and $3 for each additional sibling. Too young to play but accompanying an older sibling - no charge!

Ready to be a playroom regular? Get discounted plays by buying a pre-paid play card ($20 for 6 plays or $30 for 12)! Find them in our online store or grab one next time you're in the shop.

All children coming in to play MUST have a liability waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian. Anyone is welcome to bring in children that are not their own as long as there is a waiver on file signed by the child's parent/guardian.

Download and print the waiver here.


We are excited to offer birthing classes, lactation groups, sleep consultants and new parent groups to name a few. Be sure to subscribe to our HAMMER & JACKS Calendar to stay up to date on all of our events.

Events Calendar Link


The Community Space is a great place to have a celebration.  Check out our party page for more info!