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Info for Performers

We love to work with awesome people of all kinds to offer affordable and donation-based shows for kids in Portland. If you're interested in performing, teaching, or sharing, we want to meet you. 🥳

Setup: Our space offers a lot of flexibility for different types of events. Performances can take place inside the fully enclosed TV (screen 6x7, stage 6x8) or on the stage in front of the TV (3x8). (There's even a private green room behind the stage for storage and hiding!) There are 6 built-in benches, each with its own fold-down table (attached to the wall) that can be used for interactive events like workshops.

Materials: We are typically happy to provide supplies and materials for events—we just need a list of what you need! You are not limited to using products from our shop, but for sourcing and cost, it's preferred when possible. Musicians are welcome to use our amp and mic, bring their own, or go acoustic. (We also have a vintage piano and toy instruments available to you!)

Payment: We strive to strike a good balance between offering events that are accessible to all families and paying performers a living wage. We typically do suggested donation events with all proceeds going to the performer. We also offer a paid ticket option with a small sliding scale fee to the house for maintenance. If you prefer a flat fee or other payment structure, we're all ears!

Expectations: We ask everyone who uses our space to arrive with ample time to set up and to stick around afterward to help us tidy any leftover materials. We will advertise your show on our Instagram and Facebook pages and ask that you please do the same! We reserve the right to request professional references.

COVID-19: Our store welcomes many young and high-risk visitors, so we maintain careful policies to protect our community and our store team:

  • We highly recommend all visitors 5+ to wear masks in all areas of the store and event spaces.
  • Event hosts don’t need to wear masks if they’re staying within the TV but are asked to wear them if they'll be interacting up close with the audience/activity participants.
  • Store staff and event hosts must be fully vaccinated and boosted. We reserve the right to request vaccine status, and we encourage all performers to test before any shows.
  • We limit capacity for all events (max 30) and often book by bench (max 5 butts) to allow groups to have their own bubbles. If you'd like to invite a larger audience, we're all for booking double shows (e.g., 10 AM + 11 AM)!

If all of that sounds good to you, please email us at events (at) hammerandjacks.com or click the big purple button below to get in touch! We can't wait to meet you.

Run an event at the REC Room!