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Beamo - Flying Hoop!
Beamo - Flying Hoop!
Beamo - Flying Hoop!

Beamo - Flying Hoop!

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THE ORIGINAL Flying hoop

"The BeamO. You know,
it's like a big Frisbee."

It's not a big Frisbee.

That's like saying a donut
is a large Ritz cracker,

a DVD is like a small LP,

a kangaroo is a
dog with a messenger bag.

The difference is a lot more than just the size.

So saying the BeamO
is like a big Frisbee is only a start.
They're both round and you throw them.
But playing with the BeamO is magical fun!
Like riding your first two wheeler,
like hide and seek in the dark,
like the first jump in the pool.

The difference is FUN!
The BeamO
Flying Hoop
   It's not a big Frisbee...