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Haylo Jitter Ring
Haylo Jitter Ring

Haylo Jitter Ring

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The Haylo Ring™ features newly designed beads that don't need to be broken in. Haylo beads are lighter and more nimble than the ones offered by previously made rings. This makes them easier to start and easier do tricks with.

All tricks are possible with the Haylo Ring upon opening the package!

Each ring comes with a 'Bead Towel' which simplifies travel with the ring and doubles as a cloth to keep the beads clean. The Bead Towel also enables a "quiet mode" training method so you can practice your moves anytime!

The Haylo Ring™ is ready hit the hardest tricks and is great for beginners too.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and give the Haylo Ring a spin!


Haylo Specs

Ring Diameter 10"

Bead Material Aluminum

Bead Finish Anodized Aluminum

Ring Finish Polished

Gyroscopic Ratio 11.61 (Ring Weight / Beads Weight)

Bead Set Weight 0.42oz / 11.9g

Total Ring Weight 6.6oz / 186g

Friction Reside Low (Much lower then brass)

Haylo Rings are certified under the US Toy Safety Standard (ASTM F963) for children as young as 3 years old.

Designed and packaged in the US - Quality made in China.