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Hoodie and Jean Set Clothes for 8" Dolls

Hoodie and Jean Set Clothes for 8" Dolls

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Miniland's casual 2-piece Jeans Set for 8'' Baby Dolls is a wonderful addition to your child's doll collection
This cool hooded sweatshirt and pull-on jeans are perfect whenever your child's doll wants to go out and play
Role play with dolls helps children understand concepts such as family, diversity, and cooperation

Miniland provides educational experiences for children - but we never forget the value of play

Doll clothes help children to develop manipulative skills, allowing them to become familiar with different fastenings in a fun way.

From 3 to 6 years
  • Body & Movement
  • Emotional Journey
  • Social Engagement
  • Speaking & Listening
Fine-motor Skills , Imaginative & Role Play , Social & Cultural Awareness ,Storytelling