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Joy Summer Queen Kruselings Doll

Joy Summer Queen Kruselings Doll

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Hi! I’m Joy. I come from New York City, U.S.A., and I love to sing. I have brown, curly hair and brown eyes. With my magic headphones I can fill the air with music: loud or soft, wild or restful. Sometimes I can hear what people are thinking. If they are sad, I can comfort them with my music, Pippo is my parrot. His feathers have healing power for anyone who touches them.

The Everyday Set consists 1 poseable doll with 1 dress, 1 bag, underwear, 1 pair of flat shoes, 1 hairbrush and 1 leaflet.

She is a 23cm doll of high quality vinyl, with movable joints and life-like looking glass eyes.

The Kruselings are fantasy dolls of 23 centimetres height made of high-quality vinyl with movable joints - for animated, adventurous role playing. A Kruselings doll comes with modern outfits and truly magical tools. The Kruselings dolls friendly, realistic expression of the eyes says: come and play with me - let us experience adventures together!

Recommended for children three years and up.