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Kids Earmuffs
Kids Earmuffs
Kids Earmuffs
Kids Earmuffs

Kids Earmuffs

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Whether it's a summer festival, a sporting event or fireworks night, these Kids Ear Defenders will become your go-to to keep loud noises and tears at bay. Easy to wear, these cute kids earmuffs have foam-filled cushions, which mean they cover kids lil' ears comfortably & properly. They're also lightweight at just 190 grams. Let's get ready to rumble...

Kids Earmuffs are perfect for all sorts of activities including:

  • When you take your kid to an event with a lot of noise. Such as a festival, parade, carnival, (wedding) party, sports events or motor races.
  • When you take your kid outside on New Year’s Eve.
  • When you do DIY chores in your house or garden which produce a lot of noise, such as drilling, grinding or cutting grass.
  • When a brother or sister plays music, puts on a show or has a sports event. Also think about the ears of this brother or sister and the rest of the family.

To ensure a proper fit - please be sure both ear cups fully surround the ears and make contact with the skull. There should be no large gaps between the wearer and the ear muffs. The sound protection level is dependent on a good fit.

Should you find the ear defenders too tight, they can be stretched slightly. Simply place two chairs back to back, and stretch the ear muffs over the two chairs or the side of a doorway. After leaving the ear muffs for a while, they will have stretched by a small amount, making them a bit less tight when worn.

Suggested Age Min. Opening Max. Opening Cup Height Cup Width
2 - 12 years 10 cm 20 cm 10.74 cm 8 cm

What about babies and toddlers?

While Banz® Kids Earmuffs are rated for ages 0+, the published suggested minimum age is 2 years because the cups will be rather large looking on a smaller child. We recommend our Baby Hearing Protection for ages 3months - 2 years as the cups and band are specially designed for this age range. Please check with your pediatrician before exposing your child to loud noise environments.