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Snake Plush (Green)

Snake Plush (Green)

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The little snake that you see there, is the potos that you will over-enjoy as soon as you need to cuddle. No but did you see the size of his neck? It's not for nothing that it's called SERMOiLCOU, go ahead, don't hesitate on the hug, it's there for that and will give it your heart! An ultra soft plush to put easily around the neck to take it everywhere with you, it's Sermoilcou the snake! Wiggle it in all directions and play easily with your new Ptipotos thanks to its super original shape! With his charming look and his little fabric tongue, this little green snake will quickly become your best friend!

Dimensions 76 cm x 8 cm x 7cm (h) Net weight 12.6g Composition Cotton, Polyester

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