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Little Witch Starter Kit

Little Witch Starter Kit

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The Little Witch Starter Kit is the perfect gift for any new witch, whether they are a child or an adult! This mini kit includes essential magical tools that can be used in a variety of spells and rituals, as well as an instructional guide for suggested uses. With this kit, you can cast protection, perform divination, perform spells of all kinds, cleanse and clear, and make offerings to deities. Recommended for ages 6 and up!

Kit Includes:
- 1 selenite crystal wand
- 1 pentacle necklace/pendulum
- 1 bundle of 3 cinnamon sticks, tied together with a charm
- 1 glass vial of epsom salts
- 1 glass vial of lavender flowers
- 1 glass vial of chamomile flowers
- 1 glass vial of rosemary leaves
- 1 glass vial of lemon balm leaves
- 1 instruction guide

Necklace chain is 20'' long and made from silver plated copper, with a lobster clasp.

-Those allergic to ragweed should avoid chamomile.
-Contains potential choking hazards.
-For external use only.

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This is a gift!