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Monkey Around
Monkey Around

Monkey Around

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Product Description Get ready to get up and move!

Taking turns, players draw a card from the pile. Whatever that card tells them to do, they've got to do it! Hold hands and spin in a circle. Hide the banana bean bag under your shirt. Catch a tossed banana. Hop on one foot. For every prompt that's successfully completed, kids get to place that card onto one of the spaces of the game board tree. Once all the spaces are filled, everyone wins! Gross motor skills get a big boost when little ones tap into their inner monkey with the fun and silly game of Monkey Around. Monkey Around Active game of completing prompts that invite kids to get up and move Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, comprehension, cooperative play A fun way to inspire active play and loads of giggles! Kids take turns drawing one of the shuffled cards and completing its prompt For each prompt successfully completed, place it onto one of the spaces of the game board tree Once all the spaces are filled with completed cards, everyone wins!

Includes game board, 40 cards, bean bag banana Detailed parent guide and instructions included High quality materials for lasting durability, exceptional game-play