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Steel Tongue Drum 6-Inch 8-Notes

Steel Tongue Drum 6-Inch 8-Notes

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The steel tongue drum is suitable for beginners who like to play musical instruments, which may be one of the easiest to learn and it will be a fun experience for musicians of any ages because of the warm tone and unique timbre it brings to any music situation. In addition, the tank drum comes with a booklet filled with songs that are easy to read and understand

The drums ethereal sound of which can help get relaxed by enjoying the beauty of music and has the function of influencing sentiment and purifying mind, is perfect for meditation entertainment, musical education, percussion concert, yoga and religious activities. Ideal for steel tongue drum learning & practicing for children or beginners, family entertainment, friends gathering and travel entertainment.

 Our luxurious tongue drum lets anyone unlock the healthful advantages of sound-healing-instruments. Premium Alloy Design. Each steel-pan-instrument is cut and modulated by hand to achieve deep, vibratory sound marked by crisp notes and beautiful undertones. These percussion-instruments-for-adults are corrosion- and heat-resistant so you can pack and play them in any climate or environment. Immerse yourself in a forest or sit next to a babbling brook with friend.

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