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SUNAE Art Kit - Icecream
SUNAE Art Kit - Icecream
SUNAE Art Kit - Icecream

SUNAE Art Kit - Icecream

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With this kit, you can make your own SUNAE(Sand Art) fun and easy!

◆Icecream Girl / Challange Level: ★★★

<Contents of SUNAE DIY Kit>
・Colored Sand
・SUNAE board (Pre-cut)
・Coarse Paper
・Wrapping Ribbon

Let's enjoy SUNAE!!!


Naoshi is a Los Angeles based artist from Japan. They colorful sand to create surreal people in fantastical or real world settings, that inspire a more whimsical perspective of life. Naoshi has exhibited work extensively in the US, Europe, and Asia, has written a picture book, and have designed for a product such us T-shirts, Greeting card, Pajama etc. Enjoy, Naoshi's sand art (SUNAE in Japanese.)!