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Wings of a Dragonfly - Potion Pouch

Wings of a Dragonfly - Potion Pouch

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WINGS OF A DRAGONFLY. A potion to remember a loved one.    

Legend has it that dragonfly’s were given an extra set of wings so that angels can ride on their backs. Use the ingredients in this pouch, calling upon the magic of the dragonfly, to connect to and remember a loved one that you are missing. Use the power of potion making to reminisce and open up communication through a loving and nurturing experience for you and your little ones. Use on anniversaries and to mark special occasions with this special ritual. A potion close to our heart, we wrote this for a friend and is in memory of Isabelle Amelia Symons.


POTION KIT - comes with:

• 4 x Cello Biodegradable bag of ingredients

• 1 x Spell and Affirmation card

• 1 Cotton Pouch