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Come play in the Happy Place!

The Happy Place is a 750 sq ft enclosed playroom connecting families, friends and community through play. We offer the playroom for public open play times, private play times, and private event bookings. Let's play!!

Weekly Calendar

Public playtime hours vary from week-to-week based on our event + private booking schedules! Please check our instagram stories for daily play time announcements.


Welcome to our Happy Place!!! 🙂 Our colorful 750 sq ft playroom is a community space for friends, family, and neighbors to come together in playful celebration. 

No matter how you like to play, there is room for you in the Happy Place! The play side is a secret magical land covered with fluffy grass turf that offers a sturdy central play structure complete with stairs, slide, acrylic windows and hidden surprises like a lacing wall and ball run.

The sitting area has 4 ADA-accessible picnic-style tables with plenty of room for enjoying snacks, reading books, and doing activities. Outside food is welcome in the playroom but must stay in the sitting area in front of the rainbow.

The room is best suited to kids 1-7 yrs though infants and older siblings are welcome to come play too!! All we ask is that big kids please keep an eye out for the safety of little ones.

Kids must be accompanied at all times while in the Happy Place. Grown-ups are welcome to hang out in any area of the room. We even have wifi available for parents who need to get some work done while their little ones play!

Health & Safety

To keep our most vulnerable visitors safe, H+J limits playroom capacity to 12 kids max, 45 total people including children and adults. 

We highly recommend all visitors 5+ wear masks inside. If you or your children are feeling yucky or experiencing symptoms, help us stop the spread and please save your visit for another day! 🤧🤮😮‍💨 Hammer and Jacks reserves the right to refuse entry or ask any visitor to leave the space if they are exhibiting signs of illness.

We have powerful AirScrubbers attached to our HVAC system and working continuously to reduce viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants in the ambient air and on surfaces. This patented air purification technology has been proven to reduce up to 99.9% of many common airborne and surface contaminants! 🦠🚫👎 In addition we sanitize our space and playthings daily and our staff are fully vaccinated.

Liability Waiver

We require a liability waiver to be filled out for every minor before they can enter the playroom. (Big yellow button below!) You can do this before you arrive or in person at the shop, and you only have to fill this out the first time you visit.

Apologies, we cannot accept these forms from anyone other than legal guardians! Our staff will check these at the door before allowing visitors to enter. If you are bringing a child who is not legally in your care, please make sure their legal guardian fills out the waiver online before you arrive to play. 

Public Play

We aim to host public playtime every day that we're open! We have regularly-scheduled playtime every Monday, Thursday, and Friday! Depending on our private events, we also host playtimes on Wednesdays and weekends. Check the calendar above and our instagram page for daily schedules.

Drop-in public play costs $5 per child or you can buy in bulk with our Play Punch Cards: $20 for 5 play sessions or $40 for 10. 

Admission has no time limit but is single-use: if your family leaves the shop, new admission needs to be purchased to reenter the playroom later in the day.

We limit the capacity of the Happy Place public play to 12 kids (plus accompanying adults) and entry is offered first-come-first-serve. Babies in arms/strollers who won't be on the ground or playing in the space do not need to pay and are not included in the headcount. We cannot reserve space during public play but you can always give us a call to check the playroom capacity before you come over! 

Private Play

For bigger friend groups or families looking for COVID-safe playtime, we offer private play bookings all day every Wednesday!

Private play costs $100 per hour for groups of up to 12 kids. Multiple hours can be booked!

Private play reservations include:

  • Private use of the enclosed playroom for 60 minutes (additional time available)
  • Anyone included in the reservation can freely come and go during that time
  • Entry for up to 12 children (Maximum 45 total guests; babies in arms/not participating in play are excluded from child/guest count)
  • 4 ADA-accessible picnic-style tables with bench seating (additional stools are also available)
  • Bluetooth-enabled speakers installed in the room to play your own music playlist (otherwise we'll play our house playlist)

Private play cannot be used for a birthday party or other private celebration. Contact us if you'd like to run a private event during this time for our normal event booking fees

We require $100 to be paid upon booking. This deposit is nonrefundable, but the funds are transferable to store credit in the case that you need to cancel or reschedule your booking prior to 24 hours before the reservation. If you need to cancel your reservation within 7 days, your deposit is forfeited. We will follow up soon with an email invoice for the remainder of your party fee which can be paid online anytime or in person on the day of your party.

Private play bookings close 24 hours beforehand. The playroom will open to the public as normal if it is not booked for a private play. Check our play calendar to see the most up-to-date information!

Private Play Booking Form

Reserve a private playtime using the embedded form below or tap here to go directly to a mobile-friendly booking page.


Can we bring our own food?

Yes, outside food is welcome in the playroom but must stay in the sitting area and cannot cross the rainbow in the middle of the room. We are not able to provide any food, drinks, or snacks nor do we have any requirements or restrictions. Hammer + Jacks is not a nut-free facility.

Do you offer childcare in the playroom?

There is no "lifeguard" on duty in the playroom! An adult must monitor their children when in the Happy Place. Though our store staff is available to assist with any issues that may arise, we are not able to offer any type of guided activities or care. A legal guardian is required to sign a waiver before entering the room acknowledging the house does not provide care for children in the playroom. 

What's the bathroom situation?

We have a bathroom with a changing table located in the back of the shop.



Have another question that isn't answered here? Send it to info@hammerandjacks.com or give us a phone call!