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Bow, Arrows and Target Set
Bow, Arrows and Target Set
Bow, Arrows and Target Set
Bow, Arrows and Target Set
Bow, Arrows and Target Set

Bow, Arrows and Target Set

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Sneak through the forest, tip-toeing, careful not to give away your presence!

Fit the nock to the string, then aim and draw.


Flamezilla has looked up from licking dry underbrush. The fire sizzles and spurts at his feet as he rears up and sniffs. Even over the stench of burning leaves, he smells you!

Be patient and do not panic. Archery is all about being patient, with a steady hand and steady head.


Draw the string back again and shoot!

Huzzah, you've hit your target and extinguished the danger!

Flame Bow & Arrows Set with Bulls Eye
  • Bow and arrow set for practicing archery skills
  • Encourages active play, outdoor play, dexterity, hand-eye coordination
  • Get outside and practice your skills shooting various targets!
  • Two Bros Bows were created by kid inventors Duncan and Hayden when they were 10 and 7
  • Packaging is made from recycled materials, and is completely recyclable
  • Bow is pre-strung with rubber-capped ends
  • Arrows are made of wooden shaft tipped with safe foam, covered in fabric matching the bow
  • A grow-with-me skill toy, add challenges as your skills increase
  • Large enough for teens and grown-ups, too!
  • Includes: one pre-strung Flame-patterned bow with red and orange flames on black with foam grip, two soft-tipped arrows with a Flame pattern, target
  • Made in the USA

    Caution: This bow and arrow set is NOT intended to shoot your little brother or sister, your parents, friends, pets, or any living creature human or otherwise. Play safely!