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O Story Time with Olive & Dingo

O Story Time with Olive & Dingo

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Olive and Dingo rock the house with their wild story book performances and silly songs! Kids and parents will enjoy this duo as they play their way to hearts and minds and finish the show with a hand twisted balloon animal finale, creations for you to take home! This show is high energy for all ages, especially the littles in your family!

Olive has the silly voices and songbird energy of monkey and Dingo slays on his guitar like a chef crafting a fancy dish! O&D are funny, loveable and iconic Portland quirk! You can see Olive and Dingo at Hammer and Jacks every Thursday at 4pm, on tall bicycles, or invite them to your special event! They are super excited to present their clownie and creative vibe with their community!


Tickets to this show are $5/child to be paid at the show in cash or Venmo.

All kids must be accompanied by an adult at this show.

This is a gift!