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Whirl O

Whirl O

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Whirl-O Magnetic Tin Toy

A classic tin toy, the Regal Games Original Whirl-O Toy has a magnetic top that performs gravity-defying stunts. It’s color morphing top changes colors right before your eyes. The Whirl-O toy combines the principles of popular retro toys like the yo-yo and spinning top. This spinning hand-held top works on magnetic and centrifugal force. Whirl it along the tin rails to see the colors change and hear the hypnotic whirling sound.

  • Includes Whirl-O classic retro toy
  • Combines the principles of the yoyo and top
  • Uses magnets to allow spinning wheel to perform gravity-defying stunts
  • Toy allows children to use their imagination while having fun
  • Fun birthday gift, Christmas present, stocking stuffer, Easter basket stuffer, or unique party favor
  • assorted colors 
  • color chosen at random